Rescued From The Crusher

One day a Recovery Truck brings in a once beautiful 2002 Mercedes CL500, the big coupe, that’s been off the road ever since it’s Active Body Control suspension collapsed 4+ months ago. It now looks very down at heel – flat on the deck, obviously un-driveable, covered in the grime of inactivity. The owner fears it’s only destination now is the crusher, such have been the estimated repair costs from his local independent Mercedes specialists.

We inspected the car (which at only 93,000m shows promise) and working with the depressed owner gradually come up with a plan to resurrect it by making full use of our engineering knowledge and industry contacts to drive costs down at every turn. A few days later and it’s up and running again with a new ABC hydraulic pump, but then a body-blow – it’s out of MOT and the test throws up not just the expected wear and tear items like bulbs, wipers and brake discs but two BIG money items. With full pressure in the system again both (active) rear suspension struts are weeping oil – a 100% MOT failure.

Efforts ensue to see just what can be done as it’s future hangs in the balance once more. Many calls later and long story short, we agree a money cap, the owner takes a brave pill and the CL500 is back on the road driving and looking better than it has in a very long time. He’s thrilled.

The important part of this tale however came from the owner’s own lips. He was sure that we had saved him over £3000 compared to previous estimates, said it now “drives sublimely” and that we had cured more annoying faults. A great result for sure, but what you cannot know from just reading this is what a simply cracking car we handed back.

Swept in with the essentials were numerous other smaller jobs, a thorough clean up (thanks Basingstoke Valeting Centre), paint touch-ins etc. which together resulted in the return to service of a very complete, very desirable, up and together car that anyone would be proud of. All of us here agreed that we’d be amazed if it didn’t have at least another 100,000 miles in it with proper maintenance.

That crusher can damn well wait!